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About OptimusBio

OptimusBio provides biodegradable biologically active products and solutions to improve:

  • use of green cleaning and sanitation products
  • water treatment efficiency and sustainability
  • bio-remediation of industrial wastes and effluents
  • agriculture practices and sustainability
  • aquaculture productivity and sustainability
  • quality of life associated with rural sanitation
  • Biodegradable biological

    OptimusBio provides biodegradable biological products and solutions

    • to improve sanitation and water treatment efficiency
    • to improve environmental preservation and sustainability
    • to improve quality of life associated with rural sanitation
  • Proprietary formulation

    OptimusBio is a spin-out company from the CSIR

    • backed by excellent product and process technology
    • high quality, safe and validated products
  • Local

    OptimusBio is local

    • immediately available product and technical support
    • cost benefits from local manufacturing base
    • job creation and economic growth in the entire value chain