About OptimusBio

diagramOptimusBio represents all that is green

The world is now transitioning from utilising chemical means of activities to a more biological sustainable “green” approach.

Traditional chemical processes and products were implemented for various applications; however the ever increasing threat to the environment is real. And more biodegradable biological processes that drive the initiative of saving the world’s natural resources are becoming the norm.

One of the most endangered natural resources is water. Water use has been growing at more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century, and, although there is no global water scarcity as such, an increasing number of regions are chronically short of water, and such regions mainly exist in sub-Saharan Africa!

OptimusBio develops and manufactures a wide range of biodegradable and biologically active products that are primarily sold into the water treatment and industrial markets. However, our products find application across a wide range of sectors and customer segments such as corporates and public sector, rural sanitation and domestic users. Our products and processes encourage water treatment in urban but especially the rural sector which was identified as one of the countries priority needs. These include sewage treatment, rural sanitation, aquaculture and agriculture products as well as a diverse range of biologically active, biodegradable cleaning products.

Our cutting edge technology, using indigenous beneficial bacteria, efficient production systems and a lower cost local manufacturing base, gives us a competitive advantage to meet customer needs. Our proprietary formulation technology and agile product development approach allows us to produce stable products of different formats to meet individual customer needs. OptimusBio applies environmental sustainable principles to all processes involved in the development and production of our products, besides all the ingredients used in our products being completely biodegradable our packaging system allows for recyclability by employing refillable vessels to save on the use of excessive plastic.

OptimusBio provides biodegradable biological products and solutions

  • To improve sanitation and water treatment efficiency and sustainability
  • To improve agriculture practices and sustainability
  • To improve aquaculture productivity and sustainability
  • To improve quality of life associated with rural sanitation

OptimusBio is a spin-out company from the CSIR

  • Backed by excellent product and process technology
  • High quality, safe and validated products

OptimusBio is local

  • Immediately available product and technical support
  • Cost benefits from local manufacturing base
  • Job creation and economic growth in the entire value chain

A biodegradable and biological affordable alternative for those that care!

  • Our products replace harsh chemicals and pollutants
  • Simple to use, while you do your bit for a greener tomorrow
  • An affordable value offering
  • Enhances natural biological processes from the time of use
  • Improves sustainability and competitiveness of industry
  • Reduces facility maintenance and life cycle costs
  • Reduces growth and transfer of pathogenic disease causing organisms
  • Improves the dignity and quality of life of those facing rural sanitation challenges
  • Preserves our environment and water resources