General technology and how it works

OptimusBio uses developed technology that has been licensed from the CSIR to produce our sustainable green products.

This revolutionary technology, was developed under the leadership of Dr Raj Lalloo, ensures high levels of efficacy in the intended applications due to the high cell density fermentation technology coupled with exclusive formulation technology.

The bacteria used in OptimusBio is what gives our products the edge over most. These natural agents have many functions that not only preserve the environment but have excellent cleaning properties.

We help the environment by conserving one of earth’s most scarce resources, water. The bacteria clean surfaces, systems and water by reducing wastes such as ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and COD as well as digest solid material found in water. These actions result in an improvement of water clarity, reduction of odor and stimulation of plant growth. They competitively exclude certain pathogenic organisms. Some of our products are specifically used to improve fish health and aquaculture productivity.

These unique enzymes also provide excellent cleaning proprieties to the natural bacteria. These bacteria are added to certain detergents and cleaners to aid in the cleaning action of the product. They assist in the removal of dirt and grime.

We use natural bacteria that:

  • produce several cleaning and bioremediation enzymes
  • clean surfaces, systems, water and soil by reducing wastes such as ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and COD
  • clean and treat food fats and oils
  • clean and treat mineral based fuels, oils and greases
  • competitively exclude certain pathogenic organisms
  • digest solids and improve water clarity
  • reduce odours
  • reduce propensity for flies

Our bacteria are:

  • proven safe
  • indigenous: we do not import bacteria with unknown effects on our ecosystems
  • produced with state-of-the-art pure-strain production processes
  • quality controlled throughout the process
  • stable, tested and proven to work