Green options for controlling primary disease transmission risk

There is currently a global concern regarding disease transmission, ranging from viruses such as COVID-19 to bacteria, fungi, parasites and other disease-causing agents. One of the most effective methods for the prevention of disease transmission still remains hand washing, which the WHO recently advised as the primary method for prevention of spread of COVID-19. The same principle applies to cleaning, where a proper safe and biodegradable detergent will be perfectly suitable for cleaning during the pandemic. Some current opinions indicate that at the virus particle level, this is more effective than sanitization, because of the detergent action on the viral outer fatty layer.

Optimus Pure launches Surface Finisher

We pledge to stop the negative impacts on people well-being and the environment, associated with conventional aerosol-based surface polishes.

What’s the big deal about foam in products?

Consumer perceptions of foam is an interesting phenomenon. More foam means better cleaning. Is this true?

Optimus Pure launches an All Purpose Cleaner

We are proud to launch a new All Purpose Cleaner. The product is ideal for use on all washable surfaces.

Optimus Care Facewash now available

Our customers have been asking for a face wash to complement our already well-received Bath and Shower and Handwash products.

No more smelly kitchen drains with OptimusBio Drain Granules

Kitchen drains are at the heart of our food preparation activities at home, yet we often neglect them. Drains can be smelly and block from time to time as wastes accumulate in the traps and piping.

OptimusBio launches ETS powder for greywater, septic tanks and pit latrine treatment

Many domestic consumers are installing grey water systems to re-use water for flushing toilets or irrigation. OptimusBio has utilised the ETS technology to make a biological treatment product for grey water.